Unique gifts and treasures for health and happiness. Take your excitement home with you or share it with friends or family. Natural Health and Beauty Care Products, Music & Meditation Aides, One-of-a-kind pieces from Local Artists & Craftsman, Meet Local Authors and MUCH MUCH MORE for Green, Conscious Living.

The Wind Institute of Healing & Meditative Arts
Traditional Japanese Reiki Healing & Training Center
Focusing on Clearing & Creating Sacred Space within as well as without.

Traditional Japanese Reiki Healing & Training Center Offering:

Sacred Botanicals, Music & Meditation Albums, Homeopathic Remedies, Adult Coloring Books, Jewelry, Greeting & Postcards from Local Artists, a selection of New & Gently Used Books & CD's, Free Consultations & MORE!

They will be Offering a pop up Electromagnetic Realignment Clinic at this event with the Trinity Table for $20/ session

Click the links for more info about The Wind Institute & Electromagnetic Realignment Therapy

Druids Keep
at Dragon Oak Well
Pewter Statues, Crystals, Pocket Totems, Used Books & MORE!

Miscellaneous Mystical and Metaphysical Merchandise brought to you by Carol Nelson and her associate J.B. Childers.

Pewter Miniatures, Pocket Totems, Used Books , Crystals and much much more!

Harmony Heals, LLC

Dowsing Tools, Used Books & More! Pick up Phyllis's new book! Soul's on Fire


Offering: Onsite Reiki Treatments & Autographs

Eclectic Assortment of pendulums, dowsing tools, crystals, natural gemstone and crystal jewelry, used metaphysical books, essential oils and much more.  You never know what treasures you will find! NEW RELEASE:

Souls on Fire by Phyllis Benfield

Hodge Podge
A Literal Hodge Podge of Home Decor, Magickal Merchandise & More!

Heather L. Stevens​ of Hodge Podge. Hodge Podge offers a literal hodge podge of home decor and mix of magical items.

Dragons, Books, Home Decor, Angels, Fairies Misting Bowls Jewelry , and More!

with Distributor Peggy Zielinski CBD Oil & Products

Hempworx CBD Oil and CBD-infused products.  Organic, Non-GMO, Full Spectrum CBD Oil, grown on an Organic US FDA-Compliant Farm in Kentucky! SO many potential benefits from this one little plant!

A Mystics Garden
Crystal Wands, Music by Glen Kolleda and More!

Mystic's Garden with Dawn Prior. Daughter of Jan Petrie-Kolleda, Dawn will have a selection of Glen Kolleda's remaining hand blown glass and crystal wands as well as his CD's. If you are new to these wands, they are amazing for clearing and shifting the body's energy and emotions and can also be used for massage (among many other things). Other surprises may be in store, so be sure to check out their booth!

The Alchemist's Chamber
Crystal & Resin Orgone

Combining organic and inorganic materials to bring about an energetic rebalancing of your environment is a phenomenon. Using resin, crystal and copper coils to clear EMF and other energies requires a leap of Faith or an understanding of Torsion Physics. In a Sacred Space, with a pure heart and a clear intention; combining crystals, resin, and copper coils for a piezoelectric effect. In Co-Creation with the Universe, we provide assistance for a living, clean and balanced environment.

Purple Haze
Apparel, Incense, Candles, Divination Devices and more!

Purple Haze is located locally on S. Pleasantburg Dr. in Greenville. Purple Haze  will be bringing a broad selection of merchandise including:  Unique Apparel, Divination Tools,Incense, Candles, Backroom Merchandise and more! 

Metal Tiger Studio
Metaphysical Art & Interior Design

Metal Tiger Studio brought to you by Lyn & Val Winter

Metaphysical Creations of Wands, Staffs, Shell Crowns, Unicorn Poop and other beautiful creations all inspired and guided from nature. Fairy Wands made for children of all ages.

Meadow Lark Farms School of Folk Medicine
Folk Medicines & Remedies

Meadow Lark Farms School of Folk Medicine will be joining us locally from Inman, South Carolina. Jessica Galbraith teaches Herbal Medicine and will be bringing a selection of specially formulated Herbal: Medicinal Teas, Tinctures, Salves, Fresh & Dried Herbs for you to purchase and take home.

Oma's Healing Garden
Handmade Lotions, Salves, Home Sprays & More! 

Oma's Garden has a variety of handmade products from their healing Garden. Things to look forward to include:

handmade soap, lotion, essential oil blend purification spray and so much more!!

Saving Grace Essentials
Essential Oils, Human & Pet Care Products & More

Saving Grace Essentials will have Young Living Essential Oils as well as their toxin free living products and pet line where they will be highlighting their unique Seed to Seal guarantee and process. As an aromatherapist Monica will be happy to answer any and all questions regarding essential oils and their usage.

The Soap Fairies
Nourishing Handpoured Soaps for Sensitive Skin
609AF442038E4FE781125176C87AD500 (1).jpg

"Nourishing soap for sensitive skin", that's their motto.  In all their soaps, lotions and salves The Soap Fairies strive to make the cleanest, most holistic products for customers with psoriasis, eczema and any skin sensitivities. Their teas are also organic and tasty! The Soap Fairies join us from Taylors, South Carolina

Charming Bears
Journals, Singing Bowls, Enchanting Embroidery, Candles, Incense & Much More

Charming Bear Gifts is a small home based business that travels to different festivals through South Carolina, North Carolina, and Georgia. Charming Bears offers a variety of unique items and some can be customized just for you. They will be offering unique gifts & a huge selection of magickal merchandise including: Leather Journals, Sterling Silver Jewelry with Sacred Symbols, Singing Bowls, Clocks, Cauldrons & MORE!  NEW: Enchanted Embroidery Pieces

Carolina Garden World
Plant Nursery, Hard to Find Plants, Fairy Garden Accessories & More!

Carolina Garden World is your locally owned and operated retail nursery serving Spartanburg and the surrounding communities for over 20 years. With almost anything you need for your lawn and garden care plus great gift ideas for both inside and outside of your home, we are your one-stop-shop for everything related to your outdoor living space. From plants to ponds, garden angels to bottle trees or mulch to diatomaceous earth, we’ve got it!  Carolina Garden World will be bringing a selection of their most popular items including Fairy Garden Accessories!

Kava Konnection
Kava, Kratum, CBD & More

Greenville's first and only non-alcoholic night scene.  The Kava Konnection is Greenville and South Carolina's first and only Kava Bar. Kava, an herb and beverage native to the South Pacific, is praised for its calming and relaxing effects.Kava Konnection will be offering a selection of Kava Products, Kratum and CBD Oil as well as passing out Samples of Kava. Celebrate & Relax!

Totally Groovy Jewelry
Contemporary Style Jewelery, Orgonite Necklaces, Art & MORE! 

South Western & Contemporary

Style Jewelry, Orgonite Necklaces, Art & MORE!


Jan Haire and Totally Groovy Jewelry will be joining us again this festival from Greenville, South Carolina. Totally Groovy Jewelry will be offering Style Jewelry with Beads, Stones, & Orgonite, Artwork and more!

Natural Henna Body Art Services, Small Art Items Inspired by Henna Designs & More

Natural henna body art services, small art items inspired by my henna style designs, and information about the niad studio dance classes and community.

A Peaceful Path
Himalayan Salt Lamps, Handmade Incense, Burners, Crystals & More

A Peaceful Path offers a wide assortment of affordable rocks, stones, crystals and related jewelry and books. A Peaceful Path sells a very pure incense in their brick and mortar store that has no fillers and is hand crafted of essential oils and herbs which has been their pride for 15+ years and it is a continued favorite because of it's purity. Wonderful ceramic incense burners specifically designed for A Peaceful Path by a local artisan will be availabl as well as  an assortment of unique Himalayan salt lamps & MORE!

A Peaceful Path
Himalayan Salt Lamps, Handmade Incense, Burners, Crystals & More
Electric City Healthy Synergy
HGH Cream & Keto  Products

 MAINTAIN YOUR YOUTH WITH SOMADERM® TRANSDERMAL GEL  Why We Age: As we age, energy plummets, skin starts to wrinkle, muscles get weak, and our bones become brittle. These are typical signs of a decrease in growth hormone (GH). GH reaches its peak around the age of 20 and begins to plummet at about age 25, marking the start of the dreaded aging process. SOMADERM® provides a unique and affordable supplement designed to support your pituitary gland to bring your hormone production closer to youthful levels. This non-invasive transdermal gel is registered with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and is available without a prescription. Maintain your youth with SOMADERM Gel. 

Nienna's Hemporium
Home of the Hempy Gems

Macrame and assemble beaded jewelry with crystals and gemstone wraps. I also make fun earrings with mythical creatures and Gems in mind. I offer a different selection of jewelry along with a healthy selection of minerals from all over the world. Some of which I have mined and collected myself from raw to tumbled pieces. I look forward to *hopefully* participating next year in this event.



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