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Soak up new concepts and expand your mind, brush up or gain a new perspective as you sit and listen to experts sharing their wisdom and insights with our featured lectures and speakers. Be sure to check our SCHEDULE to see when each will be presenting.  You won't want to miss it!


Jeff & Lori Holland
Our World Festival - Drum4work


Saturday 6:00 pm

Rick Huffman,
Sacred Tree Ministrey

"The Key to Making Life Changes

and Its Importance"

Saturday 11:00 am

Amy Alley,
PanPan Studios

"Intuitive Art"

Saturday 12:00 pm

"Intuitive Art"

Saturday 12:00 pm

Brian Dockins
The Wind Institute of Healing & Meditative Arts

"Restoring Balance Through Realigning the Electromagnetic Field"

Saturday 1:00 pm

George Gantt
 Equalibriu, Zen Gym

Topic to be Announced

Saturday 2:00 pm

Lyn Winter
 Metal Tiger Studios

"The Spiritual Science of Sacred Geometry: Learn Your Personal Applications"

Saturday 5:00 pm

Phyllis Benefield,
Harmony Heals, LLC

"Dowsing for Everyday Life"

Saturday 3:00 pm

Charlotte Ehney
Local Author

"Wise Words: Writting for Self"

Saturday 4:00

Dr. Terry Palmer, PhD. Heart Math

Lecture to be Announced

Sunday 11:00 am

Jack Moffat
Event Elder, Reiki Master

Lecture To Be Announced

Sunday 12:00 pm

Dick Loudermilk 
Event Elder

"Conecting Mu & Atlantis with the Essenes & Early Christianity"

Sunday 1:00 pm

Jeanne Fulmer
Event Elder, Scribe

"Merlin Speaks

on the Meaning of Druidism"

2:00 Sunday

Shellie Enteen
Astral Essence, Astrologer

"Karma, Transformation & Galactic Inspiration"

Sunday 4:00 pm

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