Soak up new concepts and expand your mind, brush up or gain a new perspective as you sit and listen to experts sharing their wisdom and insights with our featured lectures and speakers. Be sure to check our SCHEDULE to see when each will be presenting.  You won't want to miss it!


Jeff & Lori Holland
Our World Festival - Drum4work


Saturday 6:00 pm


Jeff & Lori Holland will be presenting:


(Sound Healing Active Rhythm Experience)

Saturday 6:00 pm


More info about Jeff & Lori Holland coming soon, please check back for more details.

Rick Huffman,
Sacred Tree Ministrey

"The Key to Making Life Changes

and Its Importance"

Saturday 11:00 am


In 2005 an angry and confused soldier walked out of the desert in Iraq & fell to his knees crying out "show me the way!" giving himself over to that which became a journey of healing. After conventional methods kept leading to a dead end road, Rick began exploring more natural methods leading him on his journey to recovery, healing and changing his life forever. Now Rick works to help his brother's & sisters in arms find their peace too.

Amy Alley,
PanPan Studios

"Intuitive Art"

Saturday 12:00 pm


As an artist, freelance writer and single parent who works full-time, Amy Alley has learned it is possible to maintain a creative, healthy, balanced, holistic-as-possible lifestyle in the midst of happy chaos that comes from doing many things simultaneously. Amy Alley is a local Artist, Illsutrator, Teacher, Freelance Writer and 5 Star Award winning author of The Absence of Anyone Else (Aonian Press, 2009)

"Intuitive Art"

Saturday 12:00 pm

Brian Dockins
The Wind Institute of Healing & Meditative Arts
Cafe Clinton, SC.jpg

"Restoring Balance Through Realigning the Electromagnetic Field"

Saturday 1:00 pm

Brian Dockins is a Certified Reiki II Practitioner, Trinity Table Technician and public speaker and professional Vocalist. 


More information coming soon, please keep  checking back for more information.

George Gantt
 Equalibriu, Zen Gym

Topic to be Announced

Saturday 2:00 pm


George Gantt is a Tai Chi & Qigong instructor with over 39 years experience, including two years studying with Grandmaster Wang Peisheng, both in China & in the United States.  George has also studied with Master Chunan Jiang from Hunan, China & Greg Hong at N.C. State University.  He teaches Yang style, Basic 8 & simplified 24 postures.  He also teaches over 500 Qigong movements that promote health & healing.  George is a certified Chinese massage therapist with an extensive knowledge of Chinese medicine.

Lyn Winter
 Metal Tiger Studios

"The Spiritual Science of Sacred Geometry: Learn Your Personal Applications"

Saturday 5:00 pm


 Owner of Metal Tiger Studios, Lyn is a native of Greenville, SC., holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Interior Design from Converse College. A Reki Master, she is active in the local Metaphysical / Spiritual Community. Communicating with Universal Consciousness and Earth Nature Spirits is an everyday experience. Lyn also works with Gaia, Sacred Geometry, Colors, Vibrations,Sound, Channeling,Plants, Animals, Crystals and Stones, Past life experiences from many cultures and ages.

Phyllis Benefield,
Harmony Heals, LLC

"Dowsing for Everyday Life"

Saturday 3:00 pm


Phyllis has been practicing and studying alternative healing for most of her adult life.  She received her Reiki Master in 2007 and now practices through her wellness center, Harmony Heals, LLC in Liberty, South Carolina. Phyllis is a published author and also offers classes on Dowsing & other topics.


Soul on Fire by Phyllis Benefield

Phyllis will be speaking Saturday 3:00

"Dowsing for Everyday Life"

Charlotte Ehney
Local Author

"Wise Words: Writting for Self"

Saturday 4:00


Charlotte is a poet and author of 2 fiction novels, Blood Adversaries & Family Vows and is currently working on a book of short stories, 2 of which have been recognized by Writers Digest.  For more than 14 years she has worked to increase awareness of sexual violence & child abuse in her role as Child Advocacy Program Director at Beyond Abuse during which, she witnessed the power words have in the healing process.  

Dr. Terry Palmer, PhD. Heart Math

Lecture to be Announced

Sunday 11:00 am


Terry Palmer of Heart Math

will be presenting at this event.

More information about Terry and what he will be speaking on coming soon. Please check back frequently.

Jack Moffat
Event Elder, Reiki Master

Lecture To Be Announced

Sunday 12:00 pm


Rev. Jack “The Prophet” Moffat is an event elder and one of the Festival’s favorite speakers.  A Reiki Master, minister and healer, Jack always offers fresh insights into matters both spiritual and practical.

Dick Loudermilk 
Event Elder

"Conecting Mu & Atlantis with the Essenes & Early Christianity"

Sunday 1:00 pm


Dick has spent a lifetime searching and investigating mysteries and paranormal phenomena to find facts and documentation to support his questions. Dick is one of our Event Elders and holds a wealth of priceless knowledge. 

Jeanne Fulmer
Event Elder, Scribe

"Merlin Speaks

on the Meaning of Druidism"

2:00 Sunday


Jeanne Fulmer is another Event Elder and Scribe. More information about Jeanne Fulmer coming soon, please check back frequently for more information.

Shellie Enteen
Astral Essence, Astrologer

"Karma, Transformation & Galactic Inspiration"

Sunday 4:00 pm


Shellie Enteen is an Astrologer and hosts her own internet radio show.

More information on Shellie coming soon, Please check back frequently.