Seek guidance, find answers and solve questions. From dream interpretation to card readings, our intuitives help provide clarity no matter what your need. Schedule a session with one of our intuitive counselors.


Carol Nelson, Dream Interpreter

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Carol Nelson is a gifted intuitive and will be offering Dream Interpretation, Intuitive Readings & Natural Health Consultations. Carol does an incredible job of finding deeper and hidden meanings most people miss. DO you have a dream that's been bothering you? Some reoccurring or Nagging? Schedule an Appointment with Carol & discover the hidden meaning of your dreams. Carol will be offering readings for a Special Event Rate of  $35/30 minutes

Laura Kaye,
Aura Photography
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Laura is an intuitive reader, aura photographer & ordained Minister. For over 15 years, she has worked with over 10k people while traveling domestically & internationally. Her readings help you to understand yourself better by seeing how you are using your life force energy in a colored photo. In addition to an explanation of what your aura reveals, each reading includes a high-quality photo and brief computer generated printout that provides a general description of the use of your colors. Laura will be offering readings for a Special Event Rate of  $25 per sessions

Scott Gynup
Illustrator and Intuitive Artist

Husband of Page Bryant, Scott is a visionary artist doing spirit art for over 30 years as well as illustrations for Sunbear and other published authors.  Scott's interpretative renderings of spirit guides and angels develop as he is conducting intuitive readings with his clients.  As Scott reads for you; he is doing a custom one-of-a-kind original  pastel  spirit art drawing  of your personal guide or angel.


 Special Event Rate of  $80/1 hour

Jessica Peach, Intuitive Counselor,
Tea Leaf Readings & Tarot

Jessica is an internationally acclaimed psychic/healer with over 30 years of experience and is originally from London, England.  While living there, she studied with several British psychics.  This gifted seer really enjoys helping her clients find direction and looking at things from another perspective in order to make the best decisions.  She has a thriving international clientele and does readings both in person and on the phone.

Jessica will be offering readings for a Special Event Rate of  $35/30 minutes

Amy Sindersine,
Intuitive Counselor,
Crystal Readings & Past Life Readings

Amy has been listening to stones ever since she was a child.  She feels a very strong vibration with them.  A lifelong intuitive, Amy has passed on information  to others when her guides, Grandfather and Two Feathers, as well as the Ancestors, would tell her something to share.  Amy has been strongly led to share with others the visions or words from the stones on a medicine wheel.  

Amy will be offering readings for a Special Event Rate of  $35/30 minutes

Oma Sims, 
Intuitive Counselor, Tarot

Oma comes to us from the islands of Trinidad and Tobago.  A renowned spiritual healer, intuitive, empath, & clairvoyant, she has over 25 years of experience in healing & teaching.   As an intuitive she will see through your life’s problems and guide you with clear and honest direct answers so you can obtain success, love, happiness, & peace of mind in a non judgmental atmosphere. Whether giving a reading face to face or phone consultation she is immediately connected to your feelings and emotions.

Oma will be offering readings for a Special Event Rate of  $35/30 minutes

Jan Petrie-Kolleda
 Intuitive Counselor

Jan is one of our gifted intuitive readers. Jan's lively, exuberant spirit has made her a favorite at our festival.  Jan also travels throughout the nation as a lecturer and spiritual workshop instructor and intuitive.  Her keen insight has provided many with thorough information in their pursuit of self-awareness.

Jan will be offering readings for a Special Event Rate of  $35/30 minutes

Olympia Freeman,
Clairvoyant, Clairsentient, Angel Tarot, Past Life

Rev. Dr. Olympia Freeman is an Angel Tarot and Past Life Reader, who offers
insightful, compassionate guidance with practical answers to everyday issues
including career, relationships, family lineage issues, & wellbeing. 
She has been clairvoyant & clairsentient since childhood, a teacher & consultant for the Edgar Cayce Foundation, & has a doctorate in Theology. Olympia is recognized for her perceptive inseeing to the energy memories, you are carrying, from other lives, ancestors, karma, & emotions, which are limiting your growth, health, & success.

Olympia will be offering readings for a Special Event Rate of  $35/30 minutes

Souls Midwife>

Jeweline Donehue
Intuitive Counselor

Jeweline Donehue, Author of "Magic Sky" is clairvoyant, clairsentient, empathic and connects to your Higher Self, Guardian Angels, or Ascended Masters during consultations. She has been offering private readings and consultations for over 40 years.  For many years, she has used and taught Astrology to help people understand themselves and their life purpose as well as to understand their relationship to others in their life.

Jeweline will be offering readings for a Special Event Rate of  $35/30 minutes