Explore natural, holistic methods to relax, restore and rejuvenate on your journey back to health. Healing can be a beautiful experience no matter what you may be going through. Let our experienced healers take you into their gentle healing hands and help guide you back to balance with onsite sessions.


Nicole Dockins, Registered Reiki Master Teacher, NC

The Wind Institute

of Healing & Meditative Arts>


Traditional Japanese Reiki

Healing & Training Center


Sacred Botanicals, Music & Meditation Albums, Homeopathic Remedies, Jewelry, Greeting & Postcards from Local Artists, a selection of Gently Used Books & CD's,

Free Consultations & Enrollment Opportunities for our Next Training

Nov. 10 & 11 Reiki I Certified Training


Brian Dockins, Trinity Table Technician

The Wind Institute

of Healing & Meditative Arts>

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Onsite Sessions with

The Trinity Table $20 per session

Come enjoy the benefits of this unique experience & total realignment. Known to have profound benefits on the physical, mental, emotional & especially the energetic systems of the human body, in just a few short minutes clients report experiences ranging from mild to profound. Availability WILL be limited!

Brian will be speaking Saturday 1:00

Rick Huffman, Crystal Healing

Sacred Tree Ministry>


Offering: Onsite Crystal Therapy Sessions using the teachings of Grandfather Yellow Horseman, Native American Elder, Rick will administer crystal therapy using a 1000 year old healing grid.  

These Sessions will be offered in exchange for Love Offerings (donations)

Rick will be speaking "The Kiey to Making Life Changes & It's Importance"

Saturday at 11:00 am

Phyllis Benefield,
Reiki Master, Published Author

Harmony Heals, LLC>



Onsite Reiki Treatments

Phyllis will be offering Reiki Sessions in exchange for Love Offerings (Donations)

She will also be available for autographs for her NEW RELEASE:

Soul on Fire by Phyllis Benefield

Phyllis will be speaking Saturday 3:00

"Dowsing for Everyday Life"

Annette Dyer, Massage Therapy

My Airmid Health & Wellness>


Antoinette will be offfering onsite massage.   More information about what Antoinette and My Airmid Health & Wellness will be offering coming soon! Please check back for more details.

Brian Burghardt
 Energy Healing

Energy Healing>


Offering Onsite Energy Healing Sessions. Brian is an extraordinary Energy Healer and special guest healer, visiting us from western Michigan.  Brian has an amazing capacity for recognizing and removing negative energies. His healing sessions are very powerful.  Stop by Brian's booth to schedule a session. 

15 min. $20.00  -  20 min. $25.00

25 min. $30.00  -  30 min. $35.00

35 min. $40.00  -  40 min.  $45.00

45 min. $50.00  -  50 min. $55.00

55 min. $60.00  -   60 min. $65.00

Chimene Green
LMBT, Reflexologist

Kneading Souls>


Chi knows what your soul kneads...

Let her carry you off on a journey as she offers onsite Reflexology treats for your  feet.

Serving souls for over 15 years.

Pat McCain,

Nature's Answers For You


Life out of balance?  At Nature's Answers we address the underlying causes of imbalance, including issues with Abundance--the relationship with others and with money.  The Abundance sessions include an initial evaluation, and a series of Body Code sessions, followed later with a Re--evaluation session.  

Lelia Maloney 
Massage Therapy & Emotional Release

Taylors Massage Therapy Clinic


Lelia Maloney, LMBT of Taylor's Massage Therapy Clinic will joined by Tarah Hinkle LMBT & Helen Henderson LMBT to offer onsite chair massage. Lelia Specializes in Trauma Touch Therapy & Somatic Emotional Release (muscle tissue memory) to help clients with PTSD, Traumatic Brain Injury & Other Emotional Conditions as well as physical using the EAR System. 

Taylors Massage Therapy Clinic will be offering a drawing for FREE onsite Massage Sessions 

Marsha Goldstein
 Quantum Healing

Happy Healing>


Marsha Goldstein will be offering onsite Quantum Energy Healing Sessions. Quantum Energy Healing can best be described by the Law of ONE- "Healing occurs when a mind, body, spirit complex realizes, deep within itself, the Law of One: that is, there is no disharmony, no imperfection, that all is complete & whole & perfect. Thus, the intelligent infinity within, this mind, body, spirit complex re-forms the illusion of mind, body, or spirit to a form congruent to the Law of One. The healer acts as an energizer or catalyst for this completely individual process."


Acting as a catalyst, Marsha will be offering a special

Spinal Tune-up & mini-sessions for $20

designed to quickly reduce pain.

Agnes Iwaszkiewicz
 Reiki Practitioner

Phoenix Holistic Care>


Agnes will be offering onsite Fire Reiki sessions.  Fire Reiki energy assists in removing old emotional debris and old blockages held within cellular memories, releasing one into a state of wellbeing, relaxation and a sense of peace.

Davelyn Hill, LMFT-I, RPII
 Clinical Self Care Assessments & Energy Healing

Willow's Glen

Retreat & Counseling Services


Davelyn Athena is a licensed Marriage and Family intern. She is a facilitator with
Speaking Down Barriers. Through this role and her LLC, Willow’s Glenn Retreat & Counseling Services she has led support groups, presented research, & conducted university presentations around racial trauma & oppression. Davelyn Athena is a Level II Reiki Practitioner, spiritual, director, healer, life map retreat provider & spiritual midwife.
 Davelyn is also a author, poet, & intuitive painter. She has published a poetry haiku chapbook and is working on a novel & is is the two time Haiku Champion at Say What Haiku slam through Wits End Poetry. 

Davelyn will be offering Self- Care Assessments with Reiki & Chakra Healing.