Few know what it takes to bring a successful event into fruitation. From dreams, spring visions.  Allowing yourself to listen and follow your intuition can lead to a series of synchronicities and with divine guidance... sometimes certain people come into your life. You never know what small things may create huge ripples in a persons life. Such ripples impacted our own lives and though people come and go, even in death, the impact that person had can carry out through lifetimes and even generations keeping the memory alive and creating a ripple that is reborn over and over again. We are grateful to be able to provide the opportunity to organize a time to bring the community together to learn, explore and celebrate life so that each person may carry away some small pebble that creates a ripple in their own pools. We would like to thank our vendors, healers, intuitives,  speakers, guests and everyone behind the scenes. Though your financial donations are critical to allow us to continue providing this and other future events, your patronage (whether vendor or guest) and your your help spreading the word about our celebration are just as important and we are grateful for ALL your contributions.  If you would like to donate financially, please use the secure link below or contact us.  Every penny, every like and every share helps!  The INSIGHTS Festival is a 501 (c) (3) Educational Organization.