Soak up new concepts and expand your mind, brush up or gain a new perspective as you sit and listen to experts sharing their wisdom and insights with our featured lectures and speakers. Be sure to check our SCHEDULE to see when each will be presenting.  You won't want to miss it!

Phyllis Benefield

"Dowsing for Everyday Life"

11:00 Saturday

Amy Sindersine
Crystal Healer, Crystal Readings, Reiki Master 

"Crystal Wisdom, Echoes of the Truth"

12:00 Saturday

Odiri Igbeyi
Pharmacist, Connected Health Pharmacy
& HempWorx 

"Staying Safe with CBD"

1:00 Saturday

Amanda Walker

"Holiday's and Cleaning Ways"

2:00 Saturday

Jan Petrie (Kolleda)
A Mystics Garden 

"Erasing Karma"

5:00 Saturday

Jennifer Galbraith
Meadow Lark Farms School of Folk Medicine

"Intro to  Foraging"

12:00 Sunday

Phyllis Benefield

"Communicating with your Spirit Guides & Connecting to your Intuition"

3:00 Sunday

Pamela Borawski
3Rays of Light

"Tapping to Heal Mind Body & Spirit"

3:00 Saturday

Pamela Borawski
3Rays of Light

"Tapping to Heal Mind Body & Spirit"

3:00 Saturday

Olympia Freeman
Soul's Midwife 

"Past Lives, Ancestors & Their Significance Now"

4:00 Saturday

Oma Simms
Oma's Healing Garden

"Manifesting your Best Life

Beyond Fear"

11:00 Sunday

Donna Spratt
Alchemist's Chamber 

"How Orgone Balances the Energy in Your Environment"

1:00 Sunday

Shellie Enteen
Astral Essence, Astrologer

"Spiritual Message of the Sun Sign"

2:00 Sunday

Pamela Borawski
3Rays of Light

"Guided Meditation: The Road"

4:00 Sunday

"Guided Meditation: The Road"

5:00 Sunday

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