Soak up new concepts and expand your mind, brush up or gain a new perspective as you sit and listen to experts sharing their wisdom and insights with our featured lectures and speakers. Be sure to check our SCHEDULE to see when each will be presenting.  You won't want to miss it!

Jaidra DuRant
Presents: "Not Just 'Belly' Dance" 


Saturday 6:00 pm

Jeff & Lori Holland will be presenting:


(Sound Healing Active Rhythm Experience)

Saturday 6:00 pm


More info about Jeff & Lori Holland coming soon, please check back for more details.

Photo Credit: Irina Dalby

Lynn MacDonald

"Soul Transformation/Master Energy Work- Work Shoppe" 

     with Lynn Rene MacDonald


   In this WorkShoppe guests will be learning about Master Soul Transformation- How it Works.What it is. You will also have the opportunity to Clear, Heal, and Change the Processing- Conscious-Subconscious-  Habbits, Patterns, and Beliefs that create the Unwellness in your Earth World Reality.

"Soul Transformation/Master Energy Work"

Work Shoppe

Saturday 10:00 

Davelyn Hill
Willow's Glen Retreat & Counseling Services

"From Autopilot to Heart Based Living" with Davelyn Hill​ is coming up next at 1:00 pm! Come co-create reality and connect your Chakra's with Davelyn. 

Living from desire instead of autopilot; the adventure that awaits.

1. What does it mean to live from autopilot? 
2. How is living on autopilot to a recipe for illnesses of all sorts.
3. What does it mean to live from my heart/desire?
4. What steps do I take to get on the heart journey?

Let’s connect to our heart through our Chakras system and imagine what life can be like.

"From Autopilot to Heart Based Living"

1:00 Saturday

Shellie Enteen
Astral Essence, Astrologer

"Navigating the Solar Cycles of 2019"

Saturday 11:00 am


"Navigating Solar Cycles of 2019" with Shellie Enteen​ of Astralessence​ Radio

Come listen to Shellie as she guides us through the Solar Cycles of 2019. "Knowing the flow of the Light Giver helps us be 'on time' in our lives. We'll discuss the meaning of the 8 solar cycles, staring with the one we enter today, how these were celebrated in earlier times and how we can do this now with an understanding of the current planetary energy that accompanies the cycle in 2019." Shellie will conclude this presentation with a brief interactive honoring ceremony.

Jeanne Fulmer
Event Elder, Scribe

"The Fall of Camelot &

the Persecution of the Druids"

2:00 Saturday


"The Fall of Camelot &

The Persecution of the Druids"


Come listen to Event Elder & Scribe Jeanne Fulmer as she takes us back in time to the fall of Camelot and discusses what happened to the Druid's? 

Theresa Gendon 
Your Soul Loves the Truth

"Clutter-Clearing Quest"

with Theresa Chabot Gendron​ Master Soul Coaching® Coach as she guides you to release the static/white noise, that distract your soul. There is no better time than now, to connect with your true essence. Clutter Clearing is more than releasing what you don’t experience joy with. Do I love it? Do I use it? Do I need it?  Yes, you discard what you don’t – love or use.  But if you don’t connect with the reason or “route cause” of why you collect clutter, it will only reappear.


Experience a soul journey – to help you prioritize your clutter clearing goals. Clutter clearing can be physical clutter, computer clutter, and emotional clutter- “to do” list & more.

Ultimately Clutter Clearing helps you connect with your authentic self and will help you release limiting beliefs.

"Clutter-Clearing Quest"

Saturday 12:00 


"Intro to Home Herbalism"

with Jennifer Galbraith​ of Meadowlark Farms​ School of Folk Medicine


Learn how to create basic herbal medicines easily at home.

Jennifer Galbraith
Meadow Lark Farms School of Folk Medicine

"Intro to Home Herbalism"

3:00 Saturday

Phyllis Benefield

"Dowsing for Everyday Life"

4:00 Saturday

Join Phyllis Benefield as she teaches guests the art of dowsing. Learn dowsing methods for every day life such as how to shift the energy of your home and people living in it, how to shift the energy of your neighborhood and improve relations or see bad neighbors move on, raise the vibration and improve growth in gardens and much more! 


Phyllis has been practicing and studying alternative healing for most of her adult life.  She received her Reiki Master in 2007 and now practices through her wellness center, Harmony Heals, LLC in Liberty, South Carolina. Phyllis is a published author and also offers classes on Dowsing & other topics.


Soul on Fire by Phyllis Benefield

Pamela Borawski
3Rays of Light
pam sep 2018.jpg

"Dying Well" with Pamela Borawski 
Death is part of the cycle of life, the last mysterious rite that we all face regardless of our human circumstances. Death comes to us all – living in fear and denial of this fact only serves to needlessly burden us. It does not help that the world treats death and dying as taboo. As wise, empowered individuals, we can learn how to boldly face our own death by understanding the death and grieving process, and coming to terms with our own beliefs of what awaits us after this body no longer serves us. This is an interactive workshop where we will complete individual and group exercises as well as guided visualizations to overcome fear, and embrace the art of dying well. 

"Dying Well"

5:00 Saturday

Jaidra DuRant

Niad, Naturally Inspired Art & Dance, is the movement & visual arts business of SC native, Jaidra DuRant. The niad dance troupe works in the style of transnational fusion dance, paying homage to the roots of "bellydance" while using artistic & thoughtful exploration to create new & engaging performance experiences. A niad performance may include a folkloric Saiidi dance to traditional music, an American Tribal Style improvisation piece to EDM, a veil dance to Egyptian pop, a fusion fire dance piece, & anything in between. We are dedicated to producing high quality fusion performance art rooted in the movements of folkloric dances of the middle east & North Africa with wings fashioned from contemporary dance & flow arts, to providing a safe & inclusive learning environment for dancers of all ages to explore their bodies' movement, & to developing a respectful & open dance community.

"Not Just 'Belly" Dance"

6:00 Saturday

*Featured Performance*


Join Amy Sindersine​  as she brings us

"Crystal Wisdom and Echoes of Truth".

A discussion on crystal healing and wisdom.

Amy Sindersine
Crystal Healer, Crystal Readings, Reiki Master 

"Crystal Wisdom, Echoes of the Truth"

11:00 Sunday


Anyone curious about "What's All the Hype About Hemp"? Peggy Zielinski​ of Hempworx will be answering this and other questions during her presentation


"What's All the Hype About Hemp?"

including the benefits, the challenges, the legality, and how to STAY SAFE as you choose the RIGHT CBD oil to place under your tongue!

Peggy Zileinski 

"What's the Hype About Hemp?"

Sunday 12:00 

Dick Loudermilk 
Event Elder

Event Elder Dick Lowdermilk  will impart some of his infinite wisdom concerning


"The Essenes and The First Ascension".  


Dick has spent a lifetime searching and investigating mysteries and paranormal phenomena to find facts and documentation to support his questions. Dick is one of our Event Elders and holds a wealth of priceless knowledge. After, you can visit his booth, Dick's Book Shelf, to let him know how much he is appreciated, talk one on one and purchase some books to take this knowledge home! 

"The Essenes & The First Ascension"

Sunday 1:00 pm

Tina Clark 
Carolina Garden World

Relax in our lecture hall while Tina Clark of Carolina Garden World presents:


"Growing Herbs"


Tina will walk you through the in's and out's of growing your own medicines. Whether indoors or out, patios or pots or full scale gardens Tina will help guide you to growing and keeping your plants happy!  You can also visit her booth to thank her for speaking and purchase some whimsical additions for your own existing or future gardens!

"Growing Herbs"

Sunday 2:00

W3ndy Owens, The Sonic Alchemy

Wendy Owens of The Sonic Alchemy will be joining us to present:

"Frequency, HUman Biofield

& Greenville Going 5G"

Along with her presentation on Frequency, the HUman Biofield and Greenville's shift into 5G, Wendy will be guiding you through a 333 Recalibration Meditation The 333 to help ease everyone into this energy transition.

The 333 Meditation is a Sonic meditation for bioenergetic harmonization clearing the biofield a digital dissonance and realigning the chakras.

"Frequency, The HUEman Biofield, Greenville Going 5G"

Sunday 3:00 pm

Pamela Borawski
3Rays of Light
pam sep 2018.jpg

"Unlocking Past Lives"

with Pamela Borawski

While remembering pieces of our past lives can simply be entertaining, there is something much deeper and therapeutic that comes from delving into past lives and learning to integrate what you’ve learned from the past to make your present life healthier and happier. We will be discussing how past lives affect our present lives as well as learning about soul contracts, karma, and unlocking past lives through Past Life Regression hypnosis.

"Unlocking Past Lives"

Sunday 4:00 pm