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Winter 2019 



SUNDAY FEB 3, 2019

11:00  Navigating Solar Cycles in 2019

           Shellie Enteen, Astrologer, Astral Essence Radio

12:00 Clutter-Clearing Quest:

          Clearing from the Inside out

          Theresa Gendron, MSN, SCT, SCMP

 1:00  From Autopilot to Heart Based Living

          Davelyn Hill,Willows Glen Retreat &

          Counseling Services

 2:00  The Fall of Camelot & Persecution of Druids

          Event Elder Jeanne Fulmer

 3:00  Intro to Home Herbalism

          Jennifer Galbraith, Meadow Lark Farms

          School of Folk Medicine

 4:00  Dowsing for Everyday Life

          Phyllis Benefield, Master Dowser, Author

 5:00  Dying Well

          Pamela Borawski, 3 Rays of Light




11:00  Crystal Wisdom, Echoes of Truth

           Amy Sindersine

12:00  What's All the Hype About Hemp?

            Peggy Zielinski, Hempworx

  1:00   The Essenes & The First Ascension 

            Event Elder, Dick Loudermilk

  2:00  Growing Herbs

           Tina Clark, Carolina Garden World

  3:00  Frequency, HUman Biofield & Greenville 5G

           Wendy Owens, Sonic Alchemy

  4:00  Unlocking Past Lives

           Pamela Borawski, 3 Rays of Light

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