To help our committee provide the BEST possible event for our Vendors and our Guests, we want to be sure ALL applicants are aware of expectations and regulations before proceeding to the New Vendor Application page.  Please take a moment to review the following guidelines before applying to become a vendor at our event.

1. Please remember, this event was designed to promote and support LOCAL (Greenville & Spartanburg area) businesses and resources so that our guests will be able to continue receiving services or purchasing from you outside of our event. *If you are from outside the local area, you may still apply, but may not be approved if we have local providers for your goods or services.

2. We try to  limit duplication of goods and services (based on category) to ensure a healthy variety and as non-competitive environment as possible. Please be sure to be extremely descriptive in the message box at the bottom of the application about everything you are prepared to offer & include a link to your website and/or social media where we can view samples of your work for comparison and review.

3. SPEAKING opportunities are restricted to paid participants (Vendors, Healers, Readers & Relevant Sponsors) as part of our vendor package. Unless you are a keynote speaker, please do not apply if you have no intentions of vending or sponsoring for the weekend. (If you are interested in being our keynote speaker or featured guest/performer, please click { HERE } )

4. All Vendors, Healers and Intuitive Counselors MUST set up between 3:00 pm and 7:30 pm on the Friday before festival. You do NOT have to remain there for the entire duration of set up. It is drop in between those hours and those hours ONLY. Please do NOT arrive before the designated time and set up must be completed by the end time. Very few exceptions apply.

5. All Vendors, Healers and Intuitive Counselors MUST be available to work the ENTIRE event both Saturday and Sunday. Participants need to be prepared to arrive Saturday morning at 9:30 am and depart at 6:00 pm and return again  on Sunday at 10:30 am and breakdown will begin at 6:00 pm. 

6. Fee's: All approved applicants will be sent an approval letter with instructions and will follow with an invoice based on the selections you have made on your application. Please be prepared. Vending Fee's are currently as follows (*fee's subject to change) :

7. Spaces are both limited and coveted. Please understand ALL spaces are first come, first served and are NOT secure until payment is received in FULL. Even if you have been approved, you do NOT have a space until payment has been received. Please be sure to follow instructions provided on the acceptance letter carefully to make sure you secure your space.

8. Booths are restricted to 1-2 persons working each 8 x 10 space and must be named on the contract.  For Clinics or other group practices or markets, you may apply to represent the group or individuals may apply for separate booths to represent themselves. Special restrictions apply. Please e-mail for questions and details to see if your group qualifies.

9. This is a professional event, provided to the community as an educational outreach and opportunity for local businesses to network and form a sense of connection twice a year. All participants are expected to present themselves maturely and professionally, be respectful of other participants, staff, volunteers and guests, show up on time and with all materials required to perform services/sell goods/inform guests/present lectures & workshops. 


10. To preserve the integrity of this event, we reserve the right to review, refuse or renew without explanation. 


REMEMBER: We would like to include as many vendors, healers, counselors and speakers as possible to create as much variety and opportunity for everyone participating in this event.  Things we always look at when reviewing a request include: What you have to offer, your location, your presentation and your qualifications.  Please be sure to include everything you are prepared to offer. Though you may be one of 100 offering the same general products or services, there could be one thing that sets you aside that will qualify you. 

Agree to Our Policies and Still Interested in Vending?

By clicking I agree that I have read the terms and conditions above and agree that I will have no problem abiding by these  pre-qualifying terms and conditions. I also agree that if iI have any questions or need to make special arrangements, I will e-mail the committee at to discuss these circumstances

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